Code: score, symbol, image

Code: score, symbol, image is a performance in which streams of images and sounds are live coded in front of the audience using open source programming languages. The intersection of text, image and sound becomes the subject of a continuous dialogue between man and computer through the practice of live coding, blurring the boundaries between different modes of representations towards a fluent intermedial representation.

Starting from the performative practice spread by the TopLap organization, summarized in the slogan “show your screen”, the performance questions if there is an ontology of code and what does its projection imply for a mixed audience. In which way can we experience code? Can all this aspects makes us understand better its meaning? By offering an olistic vision of this medium, the artist tries to answer these questions and to grasp the mutable nature of code, reprogramming it from musical score, to image, to language, making it medium and content of the performance.

Code: score, symbol, image.
Audiovisual live coding performance, duration between ’35 and ’45
Stereo sound system, FHD projector