Francesco Corvi (Nesso) is a sound designer, multimedia artist and creative coder active in the fields of live coding and digital arts. He began his musical training at an early age studying classical piano, harmony and composition, and later approaching the world of electronic music and audiovisual composition studying at CREA (center for research and audiovisual processing) in the Licinio Refice Conservatory in Italy. His interest in technology stems from the search for new systems that offer a wide range of unconventional performance possibilities, to the vision of programming as a creative and performative medium, where the artist creates and manages a system in continuous evolution, influencing its trend over time. He is currently doing a master's research project at the Institute of Sonology focusing on new possible approaches and aesthetics in the field of live coding and human computer interaction. His work includes live performances, multimedia installations, music releases, software development, and music teaching using programming, live coding, and experimental interfaces.


16-08-2021 Livecoding workshop at SVITAVA - transmedia art lab, Brno
11-08-2021 Livecoding workshop at Bučení festival
18/19-06-2021 Live coding with Sonic Pi at Robot Festival
18-12-2020 Functional Creativity applied to a LiveCoding performance at WeSa
25-09-2020 LiveCoding and computational Creativity - Creative Explorations
09-10-2020 Talk on LiveCoding at Contemporary Cluster
05-12-2019 Do humans dream of creative machines? Livecoding mastercalss at Università di Pisa 23-11-2019 Code music with TidalCycles workshop at Villa Tereze
23-11-2019 TidalCycles workshop at Villa Tereze with Umanesimo Artificiale
19-10-2019 Code visuals with Hydra, workshop with Olivia Jack


30-10-2021 Algorave at DAZ - digital art festival, Zurich
16-08-2021 Livecoding at SVITAVA - transmedia art lab, Brno
13-08-2021 Livecoding at Bučení festival
12-08-2021 Algorave at Punctum, Prague
31-07-2021 A/V livecoding at Caosmo Festival delle intermedialità, Fano
19-09-2020 A/V Algorave at Spring attitude festival, Rome
29-08-2020 LiveCoding with acoustic physical models at Klang
08-08-2020 A/V Algorave at Stodola club, Krakow
28-07-2020 A/V Livecoding performance for SURF 2.0
09-05-2020 A/V Livecoding performance at UXR cyber yacht for TopLap Berlin
25-04-2020 presentation of HyperGlass 2.00 exhibit at The Dome vr museum by Algoritmi and UXR
04-04-2020 A/V Livecoding performance in Virtual Reality for TopLap Mexico
28-03-2020 A/V Livecoding performance for Covid Room
23-03-2020 A/V Livecoding performance in Virtual Reality for Algoritmi at The Circle, UXR zone
21-03-2020 A/V Livecoding performance at EulerRoom Equinox the international festival of the TopLap community
16-03-2020 A/V Livecoding performance for Algoritmi, Turin
13-12-2019 Artflow A/V performance at Guido Reni district
05-12-2019 Do humans dream of creative machines? Livecoding workshop and performance at the University of Pisa with Krino org
23-11-2019 TidalCycles workshop and performance with Guiot and Zell for Umanesimo Artificiale
27-10-2019 Livecoding Performance with Zell for Afestival in Katowice (Poland)
26-10-2019 Algorave night with Zell, Olbos and Guiot for Afestival in Katowice (Poland)
20-10-2019 Live performance with Olivia Jack at Castello di Montegiove
20-07-2019 Kinect sensors and real-time visuals with Motorefisico at Santarcangelo Festival delle Contrade
15-07-2019 Algorave night for Amen Rave at Klang with Renick Bell and Zell
20-03-2019 Modular free impro at La Fine with Greg Fox, Rome
16-12-2018 Presenting Albania 1997 at Poesia Carnosa, festival di poesia sonora with Olbos
25-11-2018 Presenting Albania 1997 at Klang: the Birth festival with Olbos
28-03-2019 Algorave Roma meetimg + party at Spin time labs for Amen Rave
14.02.2019 A/V performance at Algosix TopLap birthday stream
25-05-2018 Pastis v.2 analog free impro at Fax factory
20-07-2018 Modular free impro at Rainbow fest 2nd edition, Anguillara Sabazia
27-10-2017 Live set at MAXXI, the National Museum of 21st Century Arts for Orfico n.3

Creative and Technical support

Resemblances by Franz Rosati
Map of Null S013.A.1 by Franz Rosati
SuperQuad by Motorefisico
Otto punto zero by Motore Fisico

© Francesco Corvi 2020